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Swamp Thoughts

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Driving So Fast That Bugs Fear My Teeth

Escrow on my house began June 26. Now, my house is in jeopardy of falling out of escrow. Damn. DAMN!! Not that I’m angry. Things that suck happen all the time, even to me. I only wish I had the luck of my Sagittarius sister and friend. Why is it that no matter how screwed up a situation is or how far these people push their luck, life always ends up being absolutely and beautifully smooth sailing for them? I want that luck, too. What club do I have to join to get that?

Well, I think I wouldn’t join the club for life. I find that working at what I’ve got has made it a lot easier for me to accept life’s hard times and perhaps I appreciate what I have a lot more, too. The last one I can’t say for sure is completely true, but I can believe it to make myself feel better….yeah.

Talking about the Self: Kill the Self! There, that’s my soap box statement for the month.

In December, my parents are going to float down the Amazon and see Macchu Picchu. What a dreamy vacation, but guess what, I’m going, too! Yeah, I committed the money to do that and bought my tickets to go there. Woohooo! Hopefully, my house will have sold for a good price by that time, and I’d have already gotten to vacation in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Croatia at that time. But I can only book that trip when my house closes escrow.

Yes, selling my house is always lingering in the clouds of my mind. While, on the ground (of my mind), I focus on the present, or the near future. My birthday is coming up very soon, and I’ve got a room booked in Las Vegas for the weekend. Now, tell me that isn’t exciting, baby! Well, yeah, true, I’m going with a bunch of young kids to chaperone, but what the hey, it’s paid for, and I shouldn’t have too much trouble with my nieces and nephews. I’ll just take them to the scary crap so they’re in a completely catatonic state where all I’ve got to do is drag them around. Yeah, sweet.

Lately, I’m trying to follow-up on things I’ve left on the “back-burner”, as those corporate types like to say. I’m attempting to write fiction again, though, things are really slow, and I still find myself saying, “Man, this sucks. I wouldn’t even read this crap.” Just recently, I took a guitar lesson. I’m juggling devil sticks. And I’m attempting to be more handy with, well, my hands. Just the other day, my dog decides to go medieval on my house. I had a shredded garage door (the fire door leading into the house) that needed fixing. I felt unconfident about what had to be done, but I finally just did it, and it actually was quite easy and came out well. There, I thought, is my Sagittarian luck!

Speaking of luck, my house is in jeopardy of falling out of escrow, did I mention that? So, here’s what happened (per my realtor):
Realtor: “The buyer just sold his house in the Valley but has gotten $10K less upon close of escrow. Now, he’s short $10K for your house. His realtor is out of town this weekend, so I’m dealing with the stand-in realtor for your buyer. The realtor and I discussed it, and I suggested that they get the house reappraised to make up the $10K. But when he faxed me the papers, he wanted you to give $10 upon closing.”
I could feel my anger flair a little. I couldn’t believe that they (the buyer and this stand-in realtor) wanted me to make up the buyer’s loss. Suck it up, buddy, I thought, and just find the extra $10K.
Me: “I don’t want to get emotional about this, but I don’t like what just happened.”
Realtor: “I agree, they are trying to squeeze you for more money, and it’s not very nice.”
Me: “What do you suggest?” Now, I really want to cut myself loose from the house, but I don’t want to be stupid is what I was thinking.
The realtor went on to give me advice, which I took at first, but then, I talked to my parents, and all deals were off. Luckily, I hadn’t signed anything yet, and so I told my realtor:
Me: “You know, I’m rejecting their contingency,” I tried not to spit out the word, “If they can’t stick with the (bargain) amount that we agreed upon, then let’s put it back on the market.”
Realtor: “OK. But let’s not act on it today, let’s wait until his primary realtor is back in town. We don’t want to appear so eager. ”

Now, I’m thinking that if I reject it, I don’t get their good faith money. Now, if I counter-offer, then they will break the contract, and I get their good faith money. That would be cool. Maybe that’s why they put a contingency in: they want out of the contract and they want their good faith money. I want that money. They held my house in escrow long enough….as far as the contingency period, well, that ain’t over yet, so I don’t know what will happen with this situation.

So, as my realtor says, my house will sell, it’s just a matter of time…of course, that doesn’t make anything better, but that’s just a cop-out: anything is possible just given the time.

OK, so, now that I’ve gabbed and complained, I think I’ll go try out my brother-in-law’s mini-motorcycle!