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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Not Much to Say, but the Cookies Sure Look Good!

Just a random thought about TV shows, cancellations, and people who watch them.

I noticed that there are these Vent-o-Pages that strike up the fact that a show has been cancelled, and then all these people stomp their feet, use yell-y letters, and then end with how the channel that aired them sucks. *Sigh*.

I used to sympathize with the people who were upset, because, you know, I was upset, too, about shows I liked a lot. But recently, I've tried an experiment. I went to these same Vent-o-Pages, but for shows I didn't care for much. And all the whining and angry taunts at the canceling station seemed silly to me. Try it, you'll see.

Anyway, this blog is for me. Not that it isn't great, but it is a way to vent for me; so how can I criticize? Technically, I'm the only one reading/writing this blog, so I'm not venting, I'm "noticing": putting it down in the world wide crapper.

You know what I theorize? Sure you do: I think that we should take all these wonderfully insightful, fun, creative shows that we love so much, put them on the web, and for each series that gets the most viewers and the highest ratings, THAT show should actually be renewed and played on the web site of the station that picks it up. I'm sure the network would save money, plus, some viewers would stop flinging their crap into the world wide-yes, exactly.


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