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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hardwire Me for Fun!

Hm. It has been a while since I posted. I can only blame it on my aversion to the computer. I tend to do things that do not concern sitting about and typing on the computer. I’ve had enough of doing that while attending my job. After a while, bean counting your words loses their appeal. I still love the written language, don’t get me wrong, but the act of writing anything myself has lost its interest, though, I must confess, I still harbor my dreams of writing the stories I have fostered for a good part of my life. If you got your hands on my computer, you’d see scrappy pieces of stories. Combine those scrappy pieces with the tower of drawers filled with handwritten stuff I’ve done over my lifetime, you’d find an almost complete story. But hey, with all the time in the world, who has the time to sit about and put things together?

Wanna play catch-up? Since you’ll have to email me to play, I’ll go first: I’ve sold my house, escrow did go through, though I had to bend and give a bit more than I thought I would, if that makes sense. But I’m happy that the process is over. The process has got to have a diligent hand to it, and I must admit that I let some things slide and it cost me money to fix it. For example, I forgot to take the water out of my name, and a month later, I’m still paying for the Salinas water to a house that no longer was in my name. So, I have to pay it. I can make all the excuses in the world, but the way the water company does things, I can’t turn back the clock. Sigh, well, now I can say that procrastination can cost more than just time.

I’ve started to take guitar lessons. I was thinking of taking dance lessons, too, but figured that I don’t have to rush things, and convinced myself to just take thing one at a time for once in my life. I get a bit anxious sometimes, but I think that taking things easy is a good lesson in patience on my part. Perhaps this lesson will make me focus better, and I’ll return to writing, and complete a damn story, again, for once in my life.

I’m so close to completing my Bowen certification that I bought a couple of massage tables down in Santa Barbara. With each class, I feel stronger in my skill. I found a Bowen therapist in the next town, and now we are trading sessions. It’s pretty awesome how people within the Bowen community are so helpful to each other. I was just talking to the other practitioner the other day about how everyone I’ve met are so willing to share information and clients. I’ve been so used to the tech industry where everything is a competition that the lack of possession people feel for their clients is absolutely amazing and foreign to me. People help people, regardless if it means losing a client. Now that’s a good way to do business! The Bowen community constantly refer clients to other Bowen practitioners for the benefit of the client, and therefore, someone is always getting referred. It is a community of sharing, a very healthy and thriving community, as I’m discovering. It’s absolutely…awesome.

I have two trips locked in for this year: a trip to Europe and a trip to the Amazon. In October/November, I fly and travel with a friend to Rome, Italy. From there, we go to Florence and Venice. In Venice, we hop aboard a cruise ship and see several Greek Islands, Croatia, and Turkey. We end up back in Rome, where we fly back. A three week extravaganza! In December/January, I fly to Lima, Peru, where I join my parents for a trip down the Amazon River and then to Macchu Picchu. A two-week vacation full of fun and frivolity!

For the Italy-Greece-Turkey-Croatia vacation, I’m learning Italian. It’s a pretty good program, a listen in your car program. I’ve already learned a lot. I’ve also put together a personal itinerary that’ll probably be thrown to the wind once the wheels of the plane touch down in Rome.

I’m waiting to gather the info I want for the Amazon trip since I’m practicing the art of focusing on one big thing at a time. Otherwise, I think I’d have all this information, but lose it since head-filing is something I have no skill at.

Let’s see, oh, yeah, I returned from Lake Nacimiento just the other day, and I got to learn more wakeboarding. I went from learning how to stand correctly to riding sideways on the lip of the wake. I cruised in and out of the wake, turned from goofy foot stance to my strong stance, and crashed so hard at times that my eyeballs felt like they were pressed into my brain. So, yeah, I had a blast! Now, I can’t wait for snowboarding! Remember, I got a helmet!

So, now it’s your turn. Tell me what’s up with you!


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