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Swamp Thoughts

Thursday, January 10, 2008

By Golly, I Think We've Got a Wetness Situation Here!

Yes, my loyal readers and those first timers, water has been escaping the clouds and the sea to fall upon my meager clothing. I travel with it in my hair and in my shoes. It has been an ever present pal that keeps me soggy during the day and the night. You might ask if I were homeless, but no, I am not. In fact, I was fortunate enough to visit Hawaii during the holiday season.

The day before my departure: it rained. It was kinda a bummer 'cause I wanted to walk my dog (yes, my doggie is still very healthy and very alive - good hardy Danish, German, and English stock) before I brought her to the kennel.

The drive up was dry, but leaving from Oakland was a chore since we had to wait 2 hours on the plane for them to update the software, and then we were off for a 5 hour journey. Arriving in Hilo, we were greeted with the soft pitter-patter of rainy shoe-droplets. Ah, yes, how very rainforesty and exotic, I thought. And then the pattern continued for the rest of the two weeks. But did the rain stop us? NO! We drove all about the island, soaking up the rain (not the rays). It didn't rain in Kona, the California coast of Hawaii, both in weather and in attitude. The north had a bunch of cowboys (Parker Ranch being one, if not the biggest, cattle ranches in the U.S., yes even beyond Texas). The Puna district had all sorts of hippies. The island was very distinct in the type of people it adopted to each area.

I loved all the activities I did. I went snorkeling, sailing, helicoptering, kayaking, wine tasting (even though I don't like wine), volcanoing, spelunking, looking (at gardens), and driving. I have some pictures, but the best snapshots and memories are in my head.

When we arrived back in Oakland, and guess what: yeah, it was raining. It rained all the way back to my hometown and it rained the next day. Here, when it rains, it's cold. In Hilo, I spent all day in flip-flops, despite the rain (and mosquitoes).

Now, I've been back for a week, and I 've been busy every hour of the day. I have a new vacation planned - why, yes it is snowboarding. I have a new victim, I mean- buddy accompanying me on the trip. We'll see how he fares, but if I'm lucky, he'll become addicted to the sport - all selfish reasons for the hope, of course. Well, if he does become addicted, it'll be good for him in certain ways, too.

Okay, wish me luck in keeping whole and having fun in the mountains of snow! Hope yer'all being good and having fun, too!


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