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Swamp Thoughts

Monday, June 12, 2006

Visualize Clothes Spinning in a Dryer

Ever wonder about wondering? Is wondering another mode of worrying? Which is yet another mode of thought? And is thinking so wonderful that we have this need to continuously think? Have we lost the rhythm of something we usually call "intuition" or "gut feeling"?

I can tell you that over the last couple of days, I've been wondering, which has caused worry in some cases. And then, I wish that I could just know what to do instead of wondering, or thinking, of the possibilities. I find that I get mired in the middle of thinking and doing: inaction.

My life coach and I talked about this inactive and frustrating state. Her recommendation: DO SOMETHING.

Now, what is right and what is wrong? Should that type of thought even come into play when I do something? Actually, no. Right and wrong will keep me in my loop of inaction. I must consider what direction I want to go and head toward it. I'll stumble, maybe, but I'll learn and adjust.

OK, what's next? Move all of my crap out of my house. If I can't sell it, I will rent it out. It'll have to be done if I am to pay off the mortgage. That means, I'll have to postpone my travel plans, kinda sorta. If I rent out my house, I won't be able to go to Greece or Italy in October, like I planned. But, I have a couple of opportunities to teach in another country, or, work in another country. Check out this site for what I mean: www.anyworkanywhere.com. So, I get to travel, which is what I want to do.

As for getting out of that habit of thinking, I need to practice the art of observing my thoughts, not getting wrapped into them. By being the spectator of my thoughts, I find peace of mind (no worrying, yeah!). Maybe, at that time, instead of hearing the chatter of my thoughts, I can listen to the rhythm of intuition. And maybe then, doing will become easier.