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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just Add Oxygen

Work. My friend has work for class. That is why I'm here, blogging again, 'cause we've returned to the computer lab, and I'm gonna be here for a while...though, I don't know how "here" I'll be since she's always throwing over some wickedly funny comments and random thoughts.

Work. Yes, everyone has work to do. My parents, older as they are, should be retired by now, but they've gotten themselves into a place of lending and investing. They grumble at the fact that they've shortened their leash so far that they won't be taking a big trip next year. They foam at the mouth every once in a while, but when I show them the sun, they blink and cry like little babies. It's cute and sad at the same time. Or maybe, it's only that way because I imagine it, and in my world, everything is puppy dogs and peppermint sticks.

Yeah: work. I need to start pimping out my dog for people who like to pet extremely wiggly and hyper pets. She needs to earn her keep...and besides, she likes to be fawned over.

Work. Have I caused you an epileptic attack by flashing the word "work" at you so often? If so, ha ha ha ha ha ha: work. HA!

Fun! My most recent trip was to, yes, you guessed it: Roseville, CA. It's a wonderful place because it has a Trader Joes and a Costco - I don't think I could live in a place without either one, Costco especially, because that will be my home base when zombies attack. Hopefully, they'll be a gun store or a garden store near by when the apocalypse comes, but if it's Spring, I'm sure Costco will have garden equipment. Be warned: if you look like a zombie, and you be coming to my Costco, you won't unlive long! Better just go after some college meat: they're always ripe for the pickin' and plenty of them smartie-2-shoes.

Fun! Next trip: Seattle and Victoria! As I mentioned in my previous blog, I'm going in a land of whirly-dirly colors and floaty things. Personally, I like the science behind things, but I'm open to subliminal messages and deep psyche reprogramming. I might even buy me a plastic dashboard Jesus - nah, it would clash with my Boopahs mirror dangle. They are my gods.

Fun! Yes, it's off to Hawaii for my and my savage kin. They let us loose this Christmas and New Years: and the world will become a special place for all. Unfortunately, I won't be able to visit a respected friend of mine: the man who introduced me to aiki jujutsu. Well, he'll be safe in Mexico, at least. At this time, I'd like to say how much I like this martial art. The dojo I go to has few, but very great, people to study with. Two of them are being promoted to brown belts. In our dojo, we go from white to brown to black. No colors in between. I'm still a white belt, and have been going for less then a year, but I love it! Aikido had developed from this art, and my good friend on the East Coast has let me know that he takes it (by the way, can you send me your email address? My address is inali@hotmail.com) - ah, but has my good East Coast friend taken his family to Italy yet? That, or, the transamerican camper trip? Chop-Chop there, buddy!

Work for me, well: it's been like an herb: parsley - it you get my meaning. And if you don't, well, whoever does? I still love it and will be going on a presentation campaign next year, kicking down the coprolite ideas that bodywork is just a luxury. But I'll stop before I begin. Preaching isn't my thing. I'm a swoosher: I'm always passing through. I'm not here to convert, but to find people who like to share ideas with each other.

So, off I am. My friend has called me ("beee-yatch", so I know it's me), and we are off to, well, I have to repack some stuff before my trip, and she's gonna sleep: since she's got work tomorrow, and I'm off to the fun place.


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