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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Save Me

Well, I spent an hour last night updating my blog, and at the end of it all: I lost it. Believe me, I was momentarily disgusted. I don't even know if I want to recount everything I did - again. But I'm gonna do some of it now.

Before leaving the chilly yet sunny state of California, I entered a contest to see if I could win a ticket to travel around the world. I didn't even get a response back saying they got my essay. Yet, another seemingly waste of time. I sure hope it wasn't, though. Always hopeful, yeah, that would be me.

Seattle was fun. I enjoyed the speaker, Dr. Richard Bartlett. He indeed have an agenda of reprogramming us, which worked partially on me. Plus, he did have a CD he was selling with subliminal messages on it (see my last post about being open to these "suggestions"). I must be psychic - uh-oh, that can be a burden!

It snowed and rained profusely in Seattle, but luckily, I was indoors for all those events.

I spent two days and one night in Victoria. I met some great people: A fellow passenger on the Victoria Clipper also owned one of my favorite coffee spots (Bean Around the World); the guys in Turntable (I bought 4 CDs from them); The wonderful lady in Three Spirals; Thomas at Heart's Content; and one of the cashiers at Whirled Arts. The desk clerks at the hostel were very nice, too. Thank the boopahs for cheap lodging and nice people!

I'm back, and this blog was not as entertaining as my last one, but it'll do. Hope everyone out there reading this stuff is having an enjoyable moment right now. Now. I mean: now. Dang it, just have it when it pleases ya!


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